Snapshot Science – Nitric Oxide to stave off disease

Communication is between the gut and brain is quickly becoming an important topic in the health world and with trillions of bacteria in the gut what we’re discovering now is only the tip of the iceberg.
Researchers from Harvard Medical School have shown Nitric oxide produced by bacteria in the gut has the ability to alter gene expression. This is further proof that bacteria within us can communicate and give instructions to our body.
Disruptions in the Nitric oxide mechanism in this study has long been associated with diseases such as diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s.
Although there is no known sweet spot for Nitric oxide levels in the body, this research suggests that a diet lacking in Nitric oxide may play a role in the development of such diseases.

Snapshot Science – Broccoli Sprouts to Aid Schizophrenia

John Hopkins Medicine have shared studies describing how a chemical found in abundance in broccoli sprouts can potentially assist in restoring imbalanced brain chemistry associated with Schizophrenia.

The chemical, sulforaphane, has been known to have many health benefits. It is found in several cruciferous vegetables however it is destroyed by heat so must be eaten raw.

This can be combated by mixing the cooked cruciferous vegetables with mustard seed powder, which helps restore the sulforaphane.



Snapshot Science – Elderberries for Influenza

It has long been known that elderberries can assist with flu symptoms and now researchers at the University of Sydney may have made a breakthrough in understanding why.

Phytochemicals contained within the elderberry juices were able to stop the virus infecting cells and even help prevent further infection when cells have already been infected.

These can be consumed in jams, pies, or even wine!

Recipes coming soon.